About Us

Phineas Group is one of the world's largest footwear hanger manufacturers for leading retailers and brands. We have offices in the UK and Hong Kong.

Our product range has been created and developed over the last 30 years. We now boast a very comprehensive range of products that can hang a wide selection of styles and sizes.

Phineas hangers are known for their quality and robust architecture. This makes them the first choice for large retail stores who want their footwear to be displayed with consistency and can withstand the rigours of the busiest retail environment.

Shoppers love self-service and enjoy the flexibility of trying sizes and styles without the need to ask for assistance. The shoes and boots have to be easy to shop, hangers must protect the footwear and putting shoes on and taking shoes off a hanger must be simple.

Phineas products are designed with all this in mind, so you can shop with confidence and know you are buying the best footwear hangers available.

Our clients include some of the best retailers and brands in the world: